Ndic Documentation

Ndic is Python package for NAVER English-Korean and Korean-English dictionaries.

Search of both English-Korean and Korean-English dictionaries is provided.

Ndic works by crawling the web http://endic.naver.com/. To crawl, it uses Requests and BeautifulSoup. Therefore, you should use it in Internet Environments.

Ndic supports Python Python 2.7 & 3.4–3.7 because Requests officially supports these versions.


Install via pip:

pip install ndic


The usage is very simple.

But, make sure that:

  • Ndic is installed
  • The user is connected to the Internet.

Let’s get started with some simple examples.

Search for Words

Begin by importing the Ndic module:

>>> import ndic

Entering an English word as the search function argument will return the corresponding Korean word(s).

>>> ndic.search('apple')

Conversely, entering a Korean word as the search function argument will return the corresponding English word(s).

>>> ndic.search('안녕하세요')

Multiple Definitions

If the word you search has multiple meanings, you can choose the meaning of the desired order.

Unless you set any xth value, you will get the first meaning of the word.

>>> ndic.search('말', 1) # 1st meaning
'(언어) word, language, speech, (literary) tongue'
>>> ndic.search('말', 2) # 2nd meaning
'(동물) horse'

Search for Phrases

Phrases may also be searched.

>>> ndic.search('in order to')
'(목적) 위하여'

Search for Nonexistent Words

Entering a nonexistent word as the search function argument will return the empty string.

>>> ndic.search("aslkjfwe")
>>> ndic.search("아댜리야")

Network Error

If your network connection is lost, you will get below error message.

>>> ndic.search('...')
NdicConnectionError: Network connection is lost. Please check the connection to the Internet.

Command Line Interface

Furthermore, Ndic supports CLI(Command Line System).

So you can use it in command line and get the return value of the search fuction in terminals. It works by Click.

$ ndic love
(특히 가족・친구에 대한) 사랑
$ ndic get --xth 2 # or -x 2
얻다, 입수하다; 가지다(obtain)